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THE ORIGINAL Friday Milonga (1st and 3rd Fridays of the month)

 TIME CHANGE :: 8:30 to 11pm (we may dance longer if we are going strong closing time or with guest DJ’s)

Makawao Union Church Annex Building

1455 Baldwin Ave., Makawao – map

1st and 3rd Fridays of the MONTH: 8:30 -11:00  (sometimes we dance until mid-night when we have special guest DJ’s)

DJ – Sughi (With Guest Dj’s occasionally)


THE Friday Milonga was started around 2005 by Shastro when the Maui Tango Community was very small and just beginning.  The community grew slowly and his perseverance paid off. He passed it on to Sughi and Rose on his 5th anniversary,  and THE Friday Milonga still thrives today with seasoned and new dancers, along with what we call “our visiting community”…many tango dancers from places around the world who return yearly or often to visit us here in Maui.

Although, occasionally we may play a tanda of alternative or nuevo as some of our community members enjoy it and may request, this is a traditional milonga in structure and music. We generally play 3 song tandas, since we ARE a small community and only dance for 3 hours. We want to foster a safe place for all people to dance and so we ask that people use the regular etiquette or for this dance.  We are hoping that these milongas also serve as a place where people can learn, practice and experience the benefits of the CODES (Codigos) in a comfortable and relaxed setting rather than having to learn them outside of our own community and be ready to dance joyfully worldwide.

For more information contact:


Maui Arts and Cultural Center in Kahului

1 Cameron Way, Kahului – map

Sunday’s – 7:30 to 9:30

Rotating DJ’s


Practica with atmosphere…and you can work on your dance too.

Occasionally we get “bumped” from MACC, so please check the calendar before you come.

Milonga del Cine – every 4th Tuesday of the Month

8pm to 10pm

Milonga del CineClic to enlarge

Sumek Dance Studio in Wailuku :: (808) 249-9790

4th Wednesday of the Month Family Friendly Milonga – 8pm to 10pm

Visit their wesite here

CANCELLED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE  – Practica “S” (check calendar for dates and more information)

Why Practica ‘S’?
guided practica is a place where dancers can help each other enormously to fine tune all the crucial aspects of their dance, with the aid of an experienced dancer/teacher to fall back on for clarification and feedback whenever needed……….

Emphasis of Practica ‘S’
The focus of this guided practica is to work on the qualities & skills that will help give you the comfort & confidence to be able to dance at the crowded festivals or milongas that exist around the world. This is the place to develop the material you have learnt, to better understand how to make it flow smoothly and comfortably for both you and your partner. Within each practica we also feature one of the legendary conductors/orchestras of the Golden Era, to help grow our understanding and appreciation of the giants who helped create the music that we now love to dance to………

For inquiries and dates of our next Practica ‘S’ here on Maui…check out the calendar or
contact Steve & Mayra  ph:(808) 891-1594 or email
For more information on Steve and Mayra, check out their teacher pages on this website.