Tomás Howlin – Getting Ready for Maui Embrace :: Jan 27!

Tomás Howlin Returns to Maui in January to warm up for Maui Embrace on February 1st!!


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Tomás will be available for some privates or semi privates (2 couples), but his time is limited. They will be booked on a first come basis.  If you want to get on the list to schedule one, contact Sughi at: or 264-3902

Tomás Howlin (Buenos Aires/Montreal)

Born and brought up in Buenos Aires, Tomas shares his near 27 years of experience teaching and performing in    Argentina, North America and Europe. Through his experience, understanding, and dedication Tomas creates a bridge linking traditional tango with the newer tendencies. His knowledge and pedagogy are unique and exceptional. Tomas believes in a natural, relaxed, comfortable, and skillful tango, one that is unique for each person. Tomas is appreciated for his sharp eye, gentle humor, and accessibility.

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“Argentine Tango is the dance of life, it embraces all our similarities and differences equally.”
— Tomás