Tomás … Back on Maui November 6th through 13th

Tomás  (Buenos Aires/Montreal)…Returns to Maui November 6th through 13th!!


Special Tango Evening Friday, Nov. 11th

~Art of the Tango Journey~

Community Classes on Tuesday, Nov. 7th at Wisdom Flow and at MACC on Sunday, November 12th and a few privates available (reserve NOW).

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Born and brought up in Buenos Aires, Tomás Howlin shares his near 26 years of experience teaching and performing in Argentina, North America and Europe. Through his experience, understanding, and dedication Tomás creates a bridge linking traditional tango with the newer tendencies. His knowledge and pedagogy are unique and exceptional. Tomás believes in a natural, relaxed, comfortable, and skillful tango, one that is unique for each person. Tomás is appreciated for his sharp eye, gentle humor, and accessibility.

To Learn More about Tomás, visit his website at: TOMAS


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Founder and Facilitator of Tango Learning – A Training for Every Tango Dancer

Tango Learning is for the aspiring and curious tango dancer, who wants to maximize every part of every learning experience.

  • Get more out of your dancing
  • Retain more of what you learned
  • Deepen your understanding and connection to tango

“Tango Learning has everything you need to improve your dancing.” — Tomás

To Learn More about Tango Learning visit: Tango Learning

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Tomas and gretchen on treeTree Trunk Tango with Tomàs and his lovely wife Gretchen

“Argentine Tango is the dance of life, it embraces all our similarities and differences equally.”
— Tomás