Tanya and Mark Unemori

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Tanya and Mark Unemori

Tanya and Mark, of Sumek Dance, have been inspiring each other to learn and explore the many possibilities of Argentine Tango.  

Tanya comes from a Modern/Contemporary background and first learned Argentine Tango in San Francisco over 10 years ago.  She has since studied and danced all over the world from Buenos Aires to various places in the mainland US, and taught, performed and danced in Hawaii while completing her Master in Fine Arts for Dance.  

Mark has been teaching, dancing, performing and organizing as a swing dancer for over 10 years.  He attended a Milonga during a visit to Buenos Aires in 2009 and was so amazed, that he immediately dived deep into Tango classes, workshops, festivals and since then has never looked back.  

Tanya and Mark met in Honolulu through Tango in 2010, and have been dancing together ever since.  They believe every couple has a unique and special connection, and enjoy sharing the joy of dance through the embrace.

Mark and Tanya have a varied background in improvisational dance styles, and are versatile both as teachers and dancers.  Building from their strong background in traditional approaches to the vintage styles, their goal at Sumek Dance has been to build a fun, welcoming community of dancers with sound fundamental technique.  

Both Tanya and Mark were drawn to Tango by the music, the culture, and the endless number of ways to share special moments with each other through dance.  They invite you to join them and explore the joy and beauty in each unique moment that can be discovered while dancing Argentine Tango.

Contact Mark and Tanya at:  www.SumekDance.com