Mayra Pereira de Sosa

Teacher and co-creator & guide of Practica ‘S’
          Born in Montevideo, Uruguay, Mayra has been surrounded by tango from the moment she was born.  Raised in a family and culture where tango music was played everyday, where tango would spontaneously happen in family gatherings, she was fortunate to be able to dance with relatives and friends from a very young age.
          Ironically, it wasn’t until she came to live in Maui that she began to formally study Tango. Re-discovering the beauty of this dance, she realized it was an art form which came natural to her, one that she could put her whole heart and passion into.


          Mayra has been teaching close embrace tango since 2006 in Maui. Her inspirations aside from close relatives have been contemporary teachers such as Liz Haight & Masami, Alicia Pons and Osvaldo & Coca Cartery. Mayra frequently travels to Buenos Aires and other tango communities around the world with her partner Steve.


          She draws on her inherent knowledge of tango music as well as her instinctive sense of rhythm as she teaches … creating a playful atmosphere where people can enjoy themselves and learn the essence of this extraordinary dance.

Currently Mayra is giving private classes, she is also the co-creator of Practica ‘S’ on Maui.
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