Peter Black


Peter began dancing Argentine Tango in 2006 and has been dancing continuously ever since, diving ever deeper into the music, the steps, the nuance…. He has danced and studied with a wide variety of visiting and resident tango teachers, both on Maui, on the Mainland US and in Europe. All of his teachers have danced and studied extensively for many years in Buenos Aires, Argentina and other festivals and events around the world.

Peter loves to dance to the traditional tango music from the “Golden Era”, to traditional tango valse (waltz) music, to Nuevo and to the faster milonga music. He has danced almost exclusively in the “Close Embrace” style, mainly as a “leader” but also as a beginner “follower.”

Peter began teaching with Sughi on Maui in January of 2011 – Absolute Beginner Tango and taught classes almost every week through September. He attended the Tango Teacher Training put on by Brigitta Winkler and Tomas Howlin in February 2011.

His most influential teachers have been Shastro formerly here on Maui, Alex Krebs of Portland, Jorge Nel of Colombia, Brigitta Winkler of Berlin/New York, Tomas Howlin of Buenos Aires, Liz Haight and Masami of Santa Fe, Jay Abling  of San Diego, Homer and Christina of San Francisco, Facundo Posadas of Argentina, Astrid Weiske of Berlin, etc


“My goal in teaching classes here on Maui is to give beginning dancers a very solid foundation they can build upon with the world class visiting teachers who come to Maui and anywhere else they may travel to dance and study. As Close Embrace is the style most people dance wherever I have been, I focus my teaching on the Close embrace style and the proper floor craft etiquette so that our students can be comfortable dancing and feel accepted anywhere in the world, no matter how crowded the dance floor is.”




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