Sugandha (Sughi) Black



Sugandha (aka: Sughi) had her first interest in dance as a toddler, always being drawn to music (her husband Peter of 23 years, still can’t believe how many songs of so much variety she can sing to or music she can hum to). She often put together “dance shows” with her friends as a child.

Structured dance came  in high school starting with modern dance and was followed by jazz, African, hula and some ballet and teaching creative movement and dramatics to children became her career…although, living in Hawai`i, hula won over any other dance for almost 30 years…until Tango. Amazingly, the history of hula and tango is very similar.

Sugandha joined Peter in Tango after he had danced for a year and quickly they were both in love (again!!)…with dancing together and passionate about dancing tango.

Some of their most influential teachers have been Shastro formerly here on Maui, Tomas Howlin of Buenos Aires/Montreal, Brigitta Winkler of Berlin/New York, Alex Krebs of Portland, Jorge Nel of Colombia, , Liz Haight and Masami of  Santa Fe, J. Abling  of  San Diego, Homer and Christina of San Francisco, Facundo Posadas of Argentina, Astrid Weiske of Berlin to name a few.

After a few years it became clear that their mission would be to share their joy and love and this wonderful experience they were having with others. A year ago after attending the Tango Teacher Training here on Maui with Brigitta Winkler and Tomas Howlin in February 2011, they embarked on teaching ABSOLUTE Beginners and there has been no looking back.

She and Peter travel to mainland cities and Europe (especially Italy) when they can and dance and study everywhere they go … and fortunately, when they started dancing there were many visiting teachers to Maui for them to study with (check out the visiting teacher list!!).

Moved so much by the dance, the history and the music, she started DJing the weekly milonga over a year ago. And now, they are available as time permits for private lessons.

“The joy of sharing something that brings so much richness and aliveness into your life and relationship is

overwhelming and I am so grateful to those who have shared with us on this incredible journey.

It is not just the dance…it is the music, the relationships, the connection,

the history…they all create a place where magic can happen.”

For More Info on Sughi and Peter’s Classes, PRIVATES, or SEMI PRIVATES (up to 3 couples):

contact them at: connect AT mauiargentinetango DOT com